Telephony Integration

  • CTI integration with several major telecoms systems
  • Legacy TAPI or more modern proprietary interface implementations
  • Soft telephone terminals
  • Soft switchboard
  • Ability for users to seamlessly move between switchboard and call handler roles
  • Comprehensive call management
  • Customised processing and automation
  • Automated population of 3rd party applications with call data
  • Screen pops
  • Extensive call records

EISEC Gateway

  • Retrieval of caller's landline address
  • Display mobile phone caller's location on map
  • Exploiting latest High Accuracy data to pinpoint within 5 - 50 metres
  • API available for 3rd party systems to integrate
  • Low cost options available


  • Utilisation of leading GIS systems
  • Location of callers
  • Location of recent incidents
  • Graphical query of incidents within a boundary
  • 2-way integration with call management software
  • Low cost options available

Police Call Handling

  • Embedded business rules to ensure consistent response is given to all callers
  • The call taker is able to identity vulnerable callers
  • The call taker is presented with necessary information and intelligence for making vital decisions during the call
  • Increased efficiency and freeing up of front-line police officer time by resolving issues at the first point of contact
  • Ensures that police officers are getting the necessary information to handle incidents effectively
  • Full audit trail of all calls regardless of whether they generate incidents
  • Rapid access to configurable campaign information, keeping responses in line with Force priorities
  • Text messaging facility to improve caller feedback
  • Avoidance of duplicated responses and confident identification of hoax calls
  • Unobtrusive call monitoring for supervision of trainee staff or critical situations

Appointments Management

  • Make appointments for field resources
  • Check availability
  • Cancel or reschedule appointments
  • Automatic reminders
  • Transfer appointments between field resources
  • Links to Call Handling software
  • Maximises staff effectiveness
  • Improves customer experience

Task Management

  • Task creation and allocation from call handlers desk
  • Escalation to cope with staff absence and help with supervision
  • Task status is always available to report back to original caller or management
  • Email reminders
  • Individual prioritised task lists

Mobile Data

  • Appointments and tasks communicated via mobile devices
  • Crime reporting module for on the spot recording
  • Incident & crime searches from field locations

Campaigns & Automation

  • Customer designed forms for gathering data of particular interest
  • Automation scripts triggered from combination of text entered, time of day, incident type etc.
  • Scripts can be prescriptive or for guidance only
  • Script management system can activate and deactivate individual scripts according to a calendar and time of day
  • Ensures full, relevant details are captured for particular incident types
  • Minimise possibility of incorrect response to a critical call

Gazetteer Integration

  • Fast location identification with the absolute minimum of search keys
  • Existing integration with the market leading gazetteer systems
  • Custom integration with home-grown or newly available systems
  • Link to GIS data
  • Links to other records co-located within a geographical radius